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The TAPS Online Community serves as a gathering place to meet fellow survivors, share your loved ones, and find support. Our chat sessions provide real time conversations, blogs and forums offer comments and information, while our peer group sites create a forum to connect with others sharing common bonds and relationships.

NOTICE 5/19/2017: Existing Online Community Members, your membership account was transferred to a new online community account, IF you have participated in our evening chats prior to 5/19, please request a password reset to retrieve a temporary password to use login the first time. After you receive your new password via email, you may update to a new password using the MY PAGE submenu link and then select EDIT SETTING, EDIT ACCOUNT.

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Latest Blog Entries

The Warmth of Friendship

This week's Saturday Morning Message is titled "The Warmth Of Friendship". Survivors have writt...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 23/09/17

Seeking advice after the loss of a pet

I recently had to make the most incredibly difficult decision to euthanize my cat. He had gotten ver...
By: karimarine Posted: 19/09/17

Copy and paste

Why are we not allowed to type up a blog in Word then copy and paste it here?
By: karimarine Posted: 19/09/17

Your Invitation to this Week's Chats

Hello, Regardless of where you are located, there is always an open door and an opportunity to ...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 18/09/17


So in the past 4mo, i have learned or been exposed to more about suicide than i ever wanted too. Lik...
By: dbaker Posted: 16/09/17