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The TAPS Online Community serves as a gathering place to meet fellow survivors, share your loved ones, and find support. Our chat sessions provide real time conversations, blogs and forums offer comments and information, while our peer group sites create a forum to connect with others sharing common bonds and relationships.

NOTICE 5/19/2017: Existing Online Community Members, your membership account was transferred to a new online community account, IF you have participated in our evening chats prior to 5/19, please request a password reset to retrieve a temporary password to use login the first time. After you receive your new password via email, you may update to a new password using the MY PAGE submenu link and then select EDIT SETTING, EDIT ACCOUNT.

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Latest Blog Entries

Do Good Things

I know that many have heard this before, but I thought I would let others in on the stor...
By: ToriSeals Posted: 26/02/20


The chats provide support as you talk with other survivors from all over the country from the comfor...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 24/02/20


Today is a hard day. I am trying to go to the Alaska event because I live here in Alaska but money i...
By: Quin Posted: 23/02/20

Good Morning from TAPS: Tokens left at the cemetery

When survivors go to the cemetery to spend time, they bring items that are meaningful to their loved...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 22/02/20


On September 25, 2015 my life changed forever. I woken in the middle of the night by a phone call no...
By: Quin Posted: 19/02/20