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The TAPS Online Community serves as a gathering place to meet fellow survivors, share your loved ones, and find support. Our chat sessions provide real time conversations, blogs and forums offer comments and information, while our peer group sites create a forum to connect with others sharing common bonds and relationships.

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Latest Blog Entries

Good Morning from TAPS July 14: Memories and Photos

Pictures bring back memories of what we did with our loved ones and what they loved doing. The openi...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 14/07/18


Start to think things are looking up then bam another slap in teh face. My mother in law died on Tue...
By: Kclemons Posted: 13/07/18

Favorite Recipes

From Tabitha, wife of Michael:   Mike was notorious for having doubles to triples of things i...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 13/07/18

A Pilgrimage of Love and Remembrance

Sheryl, mother of Adam Have you wondered about a water resistant keyboard to type on as you cry for...
By: CarolTAPS Posted: 12/07/18

I lost my only friend

My husband of over 30 years, Dan, killed himself on Memorial Day, 5/28/18, while I was taking a show...
By: ParrotMommie Posted: 11/07/18